Monday, 14 April 2014

British government censors Brexit essay author

The prize-winning author of an essay on the UK's exit from the EU has been censored by the British government.

Iain Mansfield works as Director of Trade & Investment at the British embassy in Manilla wrote the essay - which says that the UK economy will be £1.3bn better off outside the EU - for an IEA competition that was looking for the best analysis of a post-EU UK to inform the debate on our membership. Mansfield won the €100k prize but was banned from conducting any interviews and ordered to take down his blog on economic affairs, even though he had obtained permission for both.

The LabLabCon rely on misinformation and scare tactics to convince people that we have to stay in the EU. They claim that 3m jobs will be lose if we leave the EU even though the research they quote said 3m jobs were linked to free trade with the EU, not membership of the EU. They claim that without unlimited EU immigration we would run out of doctors and nurses and people to do menial jobs even though we have over 3 and a half million unemployed people already living here. They claim that the EU is responsible for half a century of peace in Europe despite there being a constant stream of conflicts, civil wars, invasions and even genocide throughout the EU's entire existence.

Mansfield has been "locked down" because the europhile British establishment is scared of people getting the facts and undermining the cosy conspiracy of misinformation and complicity that prevails in the three old parties and throughout the civil service.