Saturday 17 May 2014

Labour activist makes homophobic remarks against councillor

A West Derby Labour activist has been warned by the Labour Party to stop posting about his Liberal Party rival after a number of complaints about his homophobic comments.

Stephen Poulson has been making offensive comments about Liverpool's first openly gay councillor, Cllr Steve Radford, for two years and the latest comments led to him to take legal advice. Poulson had suggested that Cllr Radford had a "sexual bias" in his position as chair of a Scouts group and claimed that he kept a gimp sex slave in his cellar.

Poulson has been threatened with expulsion from the Labour Party if he continues to harass Cllr Radford. He says that his opinions are his own and not the Labour Party's, Cllr Radford says that the Labour Party haven't done enough to deal with Poulson's homophobia.

Earlier this week the Local Government Association criticised Labour-run Thanet District Council for not doing enough to tackle toxic and homophobic behaviour, resulting in the resignation of the Labour leader. Applying the same logic that the media use for UKIP, we should expect all the papers to denounce the Labour Party as homophobic and Ed Miliband's next interview to be dominated by questions about Labour Party homophobia.