Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Labour leader of Thanet District Council resigns

The Labour leader of Thanet District Council has resigned after the Local Government Association criticised the council for not stopping tackling toxic and homophobic behaviour and "hostility and discourtesy".

The BBC reports Cllr Clive Hart resigning because of the LGA's report and blaming the disgraceful behaviour on a tiny minority of councillors in his resignation letter but Kent Online tells a different story, quoting Cllr Hart as saying that he's resigning because of "futile and vexatious complaints and information requests" during council meetings from Green Party councillor, Ian Driver. It was Cllr Driver who helped organise the violent protest in Kent in January during which local UAF/SWP activist and one of Cllr Driver's supporters, Andrew Scott, assault Nigel Farage with a placard. He was subsequently fined and sentenced to community service for the assault.

Thanet District Council - which has previously been criticised for the suspicion of "secrecy and corruption" at the council - is preparing an action plan to address the LGA's report.