Wednesday, 21 May 2014

UKIP candidate falsely accused of being a Nazi sympathiser

A UKIP candidate in Hastings accused of being a Nazi sympathiser because of his tattoos has explained the story behind them.

Pictures of one of Kevin O'Doherty's arms were published online with claims that the tattoos were Nazi symbols. He has explained to his local paper, The Argus, that in fact the tattoos on his left arm are symbols of evil whilst the tattoos on his right arm are symbols of good. The symbols of evil that were supposedly Nazi symbols are an eagle and British fighter planes protecting the Star of David. The symbols of good on his other arm are God, a gay symbol and a dove of peace. He says the only tattoo he has any regrets about is the dove of peace which looks a bit like the Lib Dem logo.

He goes on to suggest that being a gay man living in a civil partnership with a Belgian might disqualify him from joining the Nazis should he ever feel inclined to do so. Still, that sort of thing isn't going to stop anti-democracy campaigners from screaming abuse at him in the street as we've seen from the treatment of our black and Asian candidates who've had racial abuse hurled at them whilst being called racists.