Sunday 14 September 2014

Police install panic button in UKIP MEP's home

South Yorkshire Police have fitted a panic button in the home of UKIP MEP Jane Collins and plan to install a panic room after she started receiving threatening emails and phone calls trying to stop her uncovering more details of the Rotherham child abuse case.

UKIP has played a big part in uncovering inconvenient details of child abuse in Rotherham and clearly it's getting a little too close to some important people. As South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner, Shaun Wright, is implicated in the cover up I'm not sure a police panic button would give me that much comfort.

Jane Collins MEP said:
I think every Labour member in Rotherham should tear up their membership card.

Do they not care about the victims? People are saying they didn't know the scale of it but surely one child is enough.