Monday 15 December 2014

Tony Blair : Haunted And Hunted

So now we can guess why Tony Blair has been looking so out of sorts lately. Recently at the cenotaph on Remembrance Sunday he looked ashen and haunted, and that was followed by his truly weird Christmas card with that ghastly rictus grin.

Some optimistic souls may speculate that Blair's conscience is finally struggling with the weight of his terrible past deeds. However, isn't a more likely explanation that he was tipped the wink that the American report on government torture was going to come out, excoriating the American government and by extension heavily implicate the British, and therefore himself and Jack Straw in particular?

In a better world, Blair and Straw would already be called to account for their wicked acts during their times in office, and perhaps they may still be. However, we can comfort ourselves that whatever the truth of these latest developments, Blair's reputation in particular is now trashed in perpetuity and beyond all hope of redemption: the so-called christian will not only be seen by history for the lying, money-grubbing charlatan that he is, but as a man who prostituted both himself and his country in the pursuit of fame and fortune, descending to the absolute depths of moral squalor in the process.

This time there must be no prevarification, no establishment cover-up - a swift judicial enquiry into the extent of the British government's complicity with torture is essential.