Saturday 31 January 2015

Bristol school apologise for describing UKIP as racist

A school in Bristol have apologised after including UKIP in a list of racist organisations which they were likening to Hitler and the Nazis.

Pupils at the Bridge Learning Campus were being taught about racism and the teacher had prepared a presentation for them. One of the slides listed UKIP alongside the BNP, English Defence League, National Front and Neo Nazis whilst telling the children that people who are members of those organisations are racists.

This isn't the first time teachers have let their personal prejudices spill over into the classroom and it's unlikely to be the last. The education system has a distinct left wing bias and it's not uncommon to find Che Guevara posters in schools where some teachers consider the mass murdering communist terrorist to be a role model. However, it's not acceptable for teachers to inflict their extremist views on children and it's good to see the school recognise that and issue an apology.