Monday 5 January 2015

Cameron will ban ministers from campaigning to leave the EU

David Cameron has ruled out allowing cabinet ministers to campaign for the UK to leave the EU if there is a referendum in 2017.

When asked by Andrew Marr yesterday if ministers who want the UK to leave the EU would be allowed to campaign for it, he said "No, I've set that out very clearly in the past".

He went on to say:
The change that we need are changes that are good for Britain and good for Europe. They do involve treaty change and proper, full-on treaty change for that matter.
The problem is, Francois Hollande has already promised to veto any treaty change and Cameron has already had to backpedal on every "demand" he's made because he's been told no. There will be no repatriation of powers and no treaty change and Cameron's statement that "If I don't get what I want I rule nothing out" is meaningless because he's spent years telling us that the UK will never leave the EU under his watch.