Thursday 5 February 2015

Poll: Should UKIP ban ritual slaughter?

UKIP has announced a policy of banning ritual slaughter without stunning, including Jewish shechita where animals are slaughtered by slitting the throat whilst the animal is still fully concious.

Currently, ritual slaughter is exempt from animal cruelty laws but UKIP is proposing a change in the law to require animals to be stunned prior to slaughter. Most Halal meat in the UK is from stunned animals but Kosher forbids stunning and UKIP's new-found opposition to ritual slaughter has attracted criticism from some Jews with some describing it as anti-Semitic which is frankly pathetic and devalues real anti-Semitism.

Whilst Jewish scripture forbids stunning animals, it also requires the murder of non-Jews, gays, people who answer their parents back and adulterers. I haven't heard anything in the news recently about Jews murdering gays or Christians or cheeky kids so clearly some parts of the Torah can be safely ignored to fit in with these more enlightened times. So why not ritual slaughter?