Sunday, 1 February 2015

School compares Nigel Farage to Nazi propagandist in presentation to children

Another school has been caught telling children that UKIP are racist after a parent complained that they had compared Nigel Farage to Nazi propagandist Melita Maschmann. This comes in the same week that a school in Bristol was forced to apologise for listing UKIP alongside the EDL, BNP and National Front as a racist organisation.

After a slide with the words "evil", "blood thirsty", "monsters" and "murderers" are two slides devoted to UKIP. The first slide features Nigel Farage quoting him saying he wouldn't want to live next door to Romanians and blaming delays on the motorway on immigrants and includes a picture of David Sylvester, the councillor who said that floods are punishment from god for gay marriage, describing him as a former UKIP councillor but omitting to mention him being a former Conservative councillor for many, many years.

The second slide has a picture of former UKIP councillor Chris Pain who was accused of making derogatory comments about illegal immigrants on Facebook. This was investigated by the police, the comments didn't appear on his Facebook wall and the screenshot was almost certainly faked.

Nigel Farage has confirmed that he will be reporting the school to the Department for Education for political indoctrination. The school says that he is overreacting at being likened to a Nazi propagandist who helped bring on the next holocaust and that when they put a picture of him on a slide titled "There's no way modern Britain could repeat Melita's mistakes ... right?" they weren't suggesting that he might bring on the next holocaust.

It's a shame Farage is only complaining to the DfE and not suing the bigots involved for libel.