Tuesday, 10 February 2015

The hate campaign against UKIP is technically an act of terrorism

A UKIP campaign office in Wales has been vandalised for a second time by anti-democracy campaigners.

The office of Nathan Gill MEP in Shotton was vandalised last year when Hitler moustaches were painted onto posters. It was vandalised again on Sunday night when signs from a neighbouring office were used to smash CCTV cameras off the wall which were then stolen.

The sustained propaganda campaign against UKIP has failed to suppress support for the party so anti-democracy campaigners from far left groups supported by the Labour Party, the trades unions and Socialist Workers Party have been turning increasingly to violence, intimidation and criminal damage to try and bully UKIP candidates and supporters. The rampant criminality of the left in their hate campaign against UKIP isn't just an irritant, it's a criminal act for the purpose of advancing a political and ideological cause and that's an act of terrorism under the Terrorism Act 2000, So why aren't the police and security services intervening?