Monday, 30 March 2015

Criminal attacks against UKIP this month

With the start of the election campaign today, it's worth recapping on the hate campaigning of Labour supporters this month ...

Windows were smashed and paint thrown over UKIP MEP Jim Carver's office in Kidderminster. The police were already investigating racist tweets directed at him before the attack.

A UKIP county councillor's garage and walls in Kent were graffiti'd with abusive phrases such as "fuck UKIP", "UKIP Twats", "UKIP Biggots" [sic] and "racist scum". The same happened last year.

A UKIP supporter's house in Dover was pelted with eggs because they had a UKIP poster in the window.

The UKIP office in Blyth was vandalised with "Nazi scum" spray painted on the shutters.

A UKIP supporter's large UKIP sign was vandalised by fascists in Brighton & Hove who entered his property to smash up the sign.

Nigel Farage and his family were subjected to intimidation and verbal abuse while they were eating Sunday lunch in a pub in an attack that terrified his children so much that they went missing. The left wing extremists behind the attack on Nigel and his family were variously supporters of Labour, Green, UAF, Hope not Hate and trade unionists and the organiser was the idiot who superglued himself to Gordon Brown in 2008 when he was more interested in stopping the weather than trying to undermine the democratic process.