Friday, 24 April 2015

Far left criminals are making a mockery of the law

As the election gets closer, the campaign of threats, intimidation and vandalism against UKIP candidates and supporters is escalating.

Signs are being stolen and properties are now being vandalised on a daily basis, someone threatened to firebomb Nigel Farage's house on Facebook yesterday and a man has been arrested for threatening to behead a UKIP candidate in Newcastle today.

Nigel Farage's request for police protection for the election campaign was knocked back for a second time earlier this year and the threat posed by criminal gangs of fascist anti-democracy protesters to UKIP candidates and supporters is met with indifference by the police. There is an organised and coordinated campaign to undermine the democratic process and the police are standing by and watching it get out of control. Groups of far left criminals all over the country are making a mockery of the law and the law doesn't care.