Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fed up with the main stream media, biased BBC etc? Goto http://www.jongaunt.com

Jon 'Guanty' Gaunt - former Talk Radio host and Sun Columnist - is back!

The tide is turning in the UK - New Labours ant-British culture that has now taken over the BBC, the Conservative party, the Establishment and MSM is under serious threat.

UKIP led the way politically, the Daily Express has taken steps in print - now Jon Gaunt is leading the way in 'radio' - a new daily podcast (approx 40 mins) on current affairs, news and views - interviews and phone ins to follow as budgets allows! Available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcharts - or direct on your favourite news, pod,  rss reader.

This fitted right in with a project I have had on a back burner for quite a while - a new pro-independent UK 'radio station' with programming taken from non-lefty podcasts - the problem I had was finding enough content - the BBC, Guardian and other left media had the market pretty much sewn up. There are a good number of non-lefty blogs around, so I developed a system to convert any standard blog into a podcast using the latest 'text to speech' technology, not perfect, but Ok for additional content If I could find enough genuine core content.

Now Gaunty has a quality podcast, I think the UK just about has critical mass for my project too!

Get over to http://www.jongaunt.co.uk to subscribe to Gauntys podcast - subscibe on iTunes listen to all the back episodes (21?) and review them all! This new section of the media needs our support! We don't have to rely on the anti-UKIP BBC!

Also take a look at my station, and be ready to start listening as soon as we launch... real soon now! http://www.radiofreeuk.org

Finally if you have something to say, or even already have a blog - get a podcast going! even if only 15 minutes a week! I am especially interested in content that would suit Non-Lefty BBC Radio 4 - apart from a microphone and computer, all the other tech you need is available *free*.

Lets take back the media for an Independent UK!