Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Sorry, Dave, Most Of Us Are Never Coming Back

Agent Cameron has been turned! After years of acting as our best recruiting sergeant, our intrepid hero has decided to stop driving Tories into the arms of UKIP. He has decided he is, after all, a true conservative, and he wants those of us in UKIP who were once Tory supporters (by no means a majority of Kippers) to return to the Tory fold.

It might be a bit more convincing if Cameron had apologised before an election came around for the continuous stream of insults and condescending attitudes we have had to put with down the years of his time as Tory leader: now it just adds further insult to injury - as well as being 'pretty strange people' and 'closet racists' etc he plainly thinks we are just stupid to believe so transparent a ploy.

The thing is, for most of us who were once Tory supporters it wasn't an overnight decision, or the result of one issue such as gay marriage. It was a slow realisation down the decades stretching to times way before Dave and the Cameroons took power that the Tories really weren't interested in the issues conservatively-minded people cared passionately about: the family, the nation etc. Protection of these institutions should be the bedrock of any truly conservative offering, but the Tories had not only nothing to say on them and more often than not actively undermined them.

We slowly realised that the Tory party was nothing but 'an Old Whore', as the Tory historian and diarist Alan Clark once described them: far from being truly conservative, it's primary driving force is it's sense of entitlement to office and the preservation of elite power, at all costs.  A Vicar Of Bray that more often than not just goes with the flow in return for a quiet life and a guaranteed place at life's top tables: economically socialist after WWII, Thatcherite in the 80s, now fashionably MetroLib - tomorrow it will be something else again.

The truth is we like our new home. Unlike the reactive, cynical culture of the Tories, for all it's faults UKIP is brave, principled and driven. For those of us not to the manor born, it feels much more like home than the Tory party ever did.

Thanks for the offer Dave, but we can not "come home". We are already there.