Wednesday 29 April 2015

UKIP candidate Gurkha "parasites" Twitter account is a FAKE

A fake Twitter account purporting to be UKIP candidate Bill Walker has posted offensive comments referring to Gurkhas as "parasites".

Bill Walker deleted his Twitter account some time ago but it has since been re-registered by another person to smear him. Once again, it is believed to be the work of convicted internet troll, Joshua Bonehill-Paine who has boasted of having a large collection of social media accounts standing by to attack UKIP during this election campaign. He has already admitted to being behind the fake Alex Wood account and the UKIP Voice website.

The UKIP Fact or Fiction website has done the research. It would be nice if the police did some research of their own and if it is Bonehill, get him in front of a magistrate before he harasses anyone else.