Wednesday, 29 April 2015

UKIP forced to withdraw freephone number over harassing phone calls

After being forced to withdraw the party's freephone number last year after left wing protesters organised a campaign to push up bills by making nuisance calls to it, the party have now had to block withheld numbers after a harassment campaign by a hater.
Whilst we have many positive telephone calls to Head Office, unfortunately, a few like to call and pass on their negative views of UKIP.

Our staff are trained to deal with all calls but we have been targeted by a particularly nasty individual over the last few weeks.  His harassment has been reported to the Devon and Cornwall Police but because he withholds his number, he cannot be traced.

The Police have advised us to block all withheld numbers, which we have done in the interests of the welfare of our staff.
Any guesses what tomorrow's attempt to undermine the democratic process will be?