Wednesday 20 May 2015

Electoral Commission petitioned to remove Tower Hamlets councillors from office

One of the men who brought the case against the former mayor of Tower Hamlets, Lutfur Rahman, that saw a special election court remove him from office is taking his fight for democracy further by petitioning for all 17 councillors elected under the now banned Tower Hamlets First Party name removed from office.

Lutfur Rahman was found guilty of 7 charges of vote rigging, lying about his rivals, bribery and exerting spiritual influence during the election campaign that saw his party take control of the borough and him elected as mayor. After his conviction the Labour Party, Respect Party and Unite the Union rallied round him, describing his removal from office as "anti-democratic, anti-Islamic and racist".

Azmal Hussein has petitioned the Electoral Commission to remove the Tower Hamlets First councillors who were elected in the same corrupt election from office and call a by-election. If the Electoral Commission refuses then he intends to go to the High Court to ask a judge to remove them.