Friday 12 June 2015

SNP warns of Scottish independence if Scotland is "dragged out" of the EU by the English

One of the newly elected SNP MPs, Stewart Malcolm McDonald, has warned that if Scotland is "dragged out of the European Union" on the back of English votes then that could break up the UK.

The SNP decided to lift their self-imposed ban on voting on laws that only affect England and have pledged to interfere comprehensively in English politics to spread their soviet politics south of the border. It's ironic that the SNP should now complain that the votes of 85% of the population in England might carry something that the 8% in Scotland don't want.

The Scots had their chance of independence and they voted against it. If they're not happy with the idea of the rest of the UK voting in a different way to them then that's just tough. They made their bed, now they have to lie in it.

If the idea of leaving the European Union that's run for the benefit of Germany and in which Scotland would have no influence whatsoever is so terrible that they would want to leave the British union that's run by and for the Scots then they should make a unilateral declaration of independence and stop trying to tie the other 59m people in the UK into the EU.

There is a way that Scotland can stay in the EU and a British union whilst the rest of the UK gets its independence but it needs 650 small minded politicians to think outside of the box.