Wednesday 10 June 2015

What the EU's resolution against Russian was really about and why UKIP couldn't support it

The BBC is spinning UKIP voting against an EU resolution condemning "Russian human rights abuses" as UKIP joining forces with nationalist parties to try and defeat the motion.

Here's why UKIP (and presumably other eurosceptic parties) couldn't support the resolution:
  • The resolution criticises Russia for trying to compete with the EU in Europe
  • Requires EU member states to agree to leave all negotiations with Russia to the EU
  • Calls for "deepening of EU integration"
  • Calls for more common policy areas
  • Calls for more decision making powers for the EU
  • Calls for the creation of an EU Energy Union
  • Calls for more EU energy legislation to increase "solidarity"
  • Calls for an expansion of renewable energy production
  • Calls for an EU counter-propaganda programme
  • Calls on member states to take action against political parties with links to Russia
  • Calls for more funding for EU-approved Russian dissidents
  • Calls for a ban on political parties in the EU securing funding from outside the EU
The BBC don't mention any of these things of course.