Thursday 16 July 2015

Greek parliament votes for EU austerity, EU says UK will be on the hook for bailout loans

The Greek Parliament have passed Germany's punishing austerity measures in exchange for billions of €uro in loans that it can't afford to pay back.

In scenes reminiscent of the February 2012 EU austerity vote, Greeks turned out en masse in Athens to violently protest against their government. Riot police used tear gas against the protesters who were smashing shop windows and throwing rocks and fire bombs at police outside the parliament building.

Yesterday David Cameron insisted yesterday that the UK wouldn't be on the hook for Greece's loans, contradicting his Chancellor who earlier in the day said that he might agree to using the European Financial Stability Mechanism fund to bail Greece out which involves borrowing tens of billions of €uro on the open markets secured on the EU budget with member states guaranteeing the loan proportionate to the size of their budget contributions. The EU, of course, dismissed David Cameron's supposed opposition to using the EFSM and said it would be going ahead and doing it anyway.