Sunday 5 July 2015

Greek referendum poll - NO leads #VoteOxi --- [Updated 22:15]

The results of the Greek bailout referendum are trickling in and with 13.58% of votes counted, every polling district has so far rejected the terms of the Troika's bailout deal.

Currently 60.22% have voted no with 39.78% voting yes.

20:16 With nearly 60% of the vote counted, the No vote has held up with 61.29% voting against the bailout deal and 38.71% voting in favour. The polls had the result much closer before the referendum. The closest result by polling district is Lakonias - home to the Spartans - where the No vote is just 1.59% ahead. The biggest gap is in the Cretan polling district of Chanion where the No vote is 46.55% ahead.

21:22 Over 80% of the vote has been counted and the No vote has an unassailable 61.55% of the vote. Greece has rejected austerity, rejected the bailout and possibly more than anything else (in their minds at least) they have German hegemony. What this means for Greece's place in the €uro and the EU remains to be seen but for Greece this can only be a good thing.

22:15 Just over 90% of the vote has been counted and the No vote is fractionally down at 61.4% but the result isn't going to change. The Oxis have declared victory, the leader of the opposition New Democracy party Antonis Samaras has resigned and thousands of Greeks have taken to the streets to celebrate.