Friday 21 August 2015

Germany complains about the number of asylum seekers their open doors policy is bringing them

The German government has revised up its estimate of the number of asylum seekers it expects to receive this year to 800k.

Thomas de Maizière, the German Interior Minister, called for "reform" of the Dublin Regulation, saying it was unfair for Germany to take 40% of the asylum seekers coming into Europe. When he says "reform" what he means, of course, is "change the system so it suits Germany" as is the case with most "reform" of EU regulations. They want to redistribute asylum seekers around the EU so everyone takes their "fair share".

As the Germans are behind the policy of not just letting unlimited numbers of asylum seekers, illegal immigrants and terrorists into Europe but actually laying on a ferry service to bring them here, it's only fair that Germany takes the lion's share of those that arrive. The Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy are being swamped with illegal immigrants thanks to the German policy of ferrying them over to Europe so it's only fair that Germany should deal with the consequences.

Austria has threatened to take the EU Commission to the EU Courts if it tries to force a redistribution of asylum seekers whilst Slovakia said it will only accept Christian asylum seekers due to "security risks". The EU Commission says that they should show "solidarity" and get behind their "migration agenda" of flooding the continent with illegal immigrants from the middle east and beyond.

Illegal immigrants from Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan rioting in Kos because their asylum claims aren't being processed fast enough