Monday 31 August 2015

Matthew Elliot - not fit to be part of EU Out - he really wants reform, not exit.

Matthew Elliot is pushing himself forwards to lead the EU Out campaign -

But he is actually a reformer! He is not fundamentally opposed to the EU - he just thinks it really needs improving:

He also called for the referendum to be delayed to maximise the chances of the UK staying in:

So given the right offer he could decide that the UK should stay *in* the EU after all!! He clearly can't be trusted.

His other claim is that he won the No2AV referendum... But even this is not true - Matthew Elliot did not win the AV vote - it was always pretty much a cert to go the way it did - and the Yes2AV campaign was led by the Electoral Reform Society who were on record as saying AV was a very bad system and only STV was worth considering - so there was no campaign support for AV anyway.

With the EU all the big money will be on 'in' - because the EU control 90% of the 'big money'. Elliot has also said he wants to see what Cameron comes back with - so further down the line Elliot could changes sides if the 'right' deal is offered.

Out need leaders who know there is *nothing* that can make the EU acceptable - so Camerons renegotiation is of zero significance.

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