Monday, 31 August 2015

Racist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown says "we don't need another white man at the head of a political party"

The Labour leadership campaign has descended even further into farce with self-confessed racist, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, chiming in to say that although she likes Jeremy Corbyn "we don't need another white man at the head of a political party".

In an article for the far left Independent, Alibhai-Brown says that we don't want another white man in power and if she had a vote, she'd vote for Yvette Cooper. Not because of what she stands for but because she's a woman which is a far better qualification for a position of power than being capable of doing the job.

She has a cheap dig at UKIP of course but it's a bit half hearted. Apparently UKIP cleverly exploit class identification. She doesn't explain what this constitutes, how UKIP exploits it or why (or even if) this is a bad thing but we're guilty of something that she possibly disapproves of (again, it's not clear if she's saying it's a bad thing).

If a white man had said "we don't need a black or Asian woman at the head of a political party" they would be vilified in the press, not given a column to write their racist, sexist drivel.