Friday 18 September 2015

Cameron and Osborne quietly pay £1.7bn bill they refused to pay last year

The Treasury have quietly paid the £1.7bn the EU demanded last October after recalculating our membership fees from 1995 to take into account the economic output of the black market, including drug dealers and prostitutes.

When the EU hit the Treasury with the bill last year both David Cameron and George Osborne refused to pay it. Cameron described it as "completely unacceptable" and he wouldn't pay it whilst George Osborne said he would get "a better deal".

Instead, they paid half of what was being demanded in July and the other half in September after doing a deal to delay the embarrassing payment until after the election. In total, £2.87bn was paid and the EU will hand back a £1.24bn rebate at some point in the future assuming they don't decide to confiscate as punishment for not signing up to the redistribution of refugees and illegal immigrants.