Monday 14 September 2015

Germany and Czech Republic reinstating border controls

The German and Czech governments have announced that they are reinstating border controls on their borders with Austria to try and stem the tide of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers making their way across Europe.

Angela Merkel's announcement that they would take an unlimited number of "refugees" has led to tens of thousands of people from the Middle East, north Africa and even as far away as Bangladesh making their way to Germany. The mayors of Germany's major cities have told the German government that they're full and any new arrivals will probably end up sleeping in the train station or on the streets.

The German government says that it won't open its borders again until the rest of the EU agrees to a "fair redistribution" of people claiming asylum. The message that they can no longer get to Germany will take a while to filter through to their countries of origin, creating a huge bottleneck in the rest of the EU and make the problem even worse for the countries on the migration route to Germany. It might even make things so bad in south and east Europe that the rest of the EU has no choice but to take them in for humanitarian and security reasons. Worryingly the German army is planning to house 1,000 Syrians in a barracks in northern Bavaria, putting weapons within reach of any ISIS terrorists that manage to smuggle themselves in with that group. You could almost believe that this was planned all along!

A new law comes into effect in Hungary tomorrow that will see anyone illegally crossing the newly-fortified Hungarian border put into prison.