Friday 25 September 2015

We need an army of evangelists for #EUout - and the training will start here!

To ensure the UK regains its independence from the EU we need to campaign - but persuading the people we meet is not enough. We need to not only persuade them to vote for independence, by leaving the EU, but we need to persuade them to go and persuade everyone they meet to vote for independence too!

I want a list of the top six reasons for restoring (and maintaining!) UK's independence, and solid arguments to back them up. This list will be a document that every EUOuter can learn, get behind and promote.

Ideally they will not just be reasons for leaving the EU, but reasons for having an independent UK for ever. So they will live past the EU Referendum and be passed on so we never end up in this miserable state again. But any solid reason is a candidate to be used!

Please Help Create This List

Visit (no registration etc required)

Enter your top reason for wanting an independent UK outside the EU.
And Vote on any reasons already posted there!

Please do it NOW before you forget!

I will be using to promote this, and it will be open to anyone else to promote, use etc...

Please do it NOW before you forget! 

I messed up the original voting things, so updated the link from