Tuesday 29 September 2015

Your future as a radio presenter awaits! Almost no work required! Your Station Wants You! http://www.RadioFreeUK.org

Bloggers4UKIP deserves its own podcast! But this needs a voice! Could it be your voice?

I want a weekly item giving a summary of what has been happening here for Radio Free UK - http://www.RadioFreeUK.org

A summary of the posts, summary of the comments, a bit on the issues raised... duration is up to you, but it will probably depend on how much activity there has been here and may vary week to week.

Just like a newspaper review - read through the weeks posts and comments, then talk a bit about them... you could do it with a friend if you like.

Let people know what we are talking about, and encourage them to come here and talk some more!

You can record on a smart phone with a recording app, or on a computer if you want to do a bit of editing/tidying up. You can send me the MP3 or I can give you access to upload it directly to www.RadioFreeUK.org

Your new future dream career awaits!

eMail Me Now: paul@radiofreeuk.org.

ps. A bit of practice to get volume levels etc sorted will probably be required, but this could be a good hobby for someone with a little time!