Friday 30 October 2015

Cameron starts purging eurosceptics as EU leaders say they don't know what he wants

The eurosceptic purge has started in the Conservative Party as David Cameron's own MPs openly criticise him for being dishonest over his mythical renegotiation.

Cheryl Gillan, Sir Edward Leigh and Christopher Chope have been sacked from the EU Council for supporting proposals to apply Purdah regulations to the EU referendum to prevent the British government and other public bodies from abusing their position to influence the outcome of the referendum. Cameron was opposed to the restrictions as it will make it harder for ministers to disseminate pro-EU propaganda just before the election to try and swing the all-important undecided vote.

Meanwhile, his own MPs are starting to turn against him, calling on him to be "open and honest" about his supposed renegotiation after the Prime Ministers of Finland and Estonia said they haven't got a clue what Cameron wants because he's not told them.

Cameron has responded to the criticism by saying that the negotiations are "going well" and that they'll be accelerated when he writes a letter to the EU Council president next month telling other EU leaders what it is that they're supposed to have been negotiating all year.