Monday 2 November 2015

£384m bill for Angela Merkel's disastrous immigration policies

Members of the EU Parliament have voted to defy national governments and increase the EU budget by £3bn to pay for the so-called "migrant crisis".

David Cameron made much of his "success" in demanding no increase in the EU budget and it only being increased by around £6bn. Every year we go through the same pantomime and every year the EU get more and more money.

According to Eurostat, the EU's own statistics agency, just 1 in 5 asylum seekers in the first half of this year were from Syria and fewer than half of all asylum seekers were from a country experiencing conflict. This hasn't stopped Angela Merkel from flooding the EU with illegal economic immigrants after making a false promise of welcoming unlimited numbers and then closing the borders a few days later, trapping hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and illegal immigrants in countries along the way. This was the redistribution that Germany demanded but everyone else refused to take part in, achieved by deceit and criminally irresponsible behaviour.

The UK's share of the £3bn EU budget increase to pay for Angela Merkel's disastrous immigration policies is expected to be £384m.