Monday 30 November 2015

IRA sympathiser John McDonnell tells Corbynistas UKIP is "an evil force"

Terrorist sympathising Maoist Labour MP, John McDonnell, has told a meeting of the recently-rebranded Corbyn for Leader campaign (now called Momentum) in Oldham that UKIP is "an evil force within our society".

In 2003, McDonnell called for "brave" IRA terrorists to be honoured for bringing "peace" to Northern Ireland. As far back as 1985 his local newspaper reported him saying that "gutless councillors" who refused to sit on a republican Labour Committee on Ireland should be kneecapped and that bombings were a legitimate way of bringing about a united Ireland.

He was threatened with expulsion by the Labour Party but was instead promoted onto influential committees and ended up being appointed as Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer by fellow IRA sympathiser, Jeremy Corbyn.

McDonnell quoted Chairman Mao in his response to George Osborne's spending review before tossing a copy of Mao's little red book to him. Mao was responsible for the deaths of an estimated 40-70 million Chinese citizens who were starved or worked to death from the implementation of his policies or put to death for standing in his way. He was responsible for more deaths than any other person in history.

John McDonnell, Gerry Adams and Jeremy Corbyn