Friday 4 December 2015

Take back the media! support for #EUout!

Irony?!?! A time loop?!?!

Ok this blog entry in Bloggers4UKIP by RadioFreeUK to let you know that I included a blog entry from here - Bloggers4UKIP in the Friday show!

It was a great item - and deserves to go on record, even it events have moved on a bit!

It was Stuart Parr's analysis of David Cameron's letter to the EU Commission on his 'demands' for reform! (snork!) and can be heard here: is a ground up thing... I can do the tech - and have been... but I can't do *everything* (but pretty much have been!) - take a look (or listen!) its kind of BBC Radio 4 but without the pro EU, left wing 'progressive' agenda. Its young, dynamic, it has a long way to go and will change a lot over time.

Take back the media! support for #EUout!