Monday 28 December 2015

Wiltshire Conservative councillor calls for private landlords to be taxed out of existence

A Conservative councillor has described private landlords as "parasites" that should be "taxed out of existence".

Wiltshire councillor, Chris Devine, made the astonishing remarks in response to an email from a lobbyist regarding the intended changes to private landlord tax exemptions that many in the industry believe will result in higher rents.
So Gareth, how many properties do you own?   Your email is deeply flawed, do you seriously believe that the `buy to let` brigade give a fig for those they are exploiting with high rents and short tenancies.

Stop thinking about your own pocket and think about society, you lot are nothing, but, parasites and the sooner you are taxed out of existence the better.

Just because I am a Conservative does not mean that I do not have a social conscience, well done to George Osbourne.  As for you. Try doing some public service and stop snivelling.

Chris Devine, Cllr
Cllr Devine has been reported to the Conservative group leader and the Chief Executive of Wiltshire Council.