Monday 4 January 2016

Remainers claim EU membership worth £3k per household

Sir Victor Blank, the Chairman of LloydsTSB who masterminded the disastrous merger with HBOS, has claimed that EU membership is worth £3,000 per household.

The claim has been dismissed by Channel 4's FactCheck as "not based on any real evidence".

The Remainers have jumped on this mythical £3,000 claim and are using it in their propaganda. The fact that it's entirely made up and has been discredited by the pro-EU Channel 4 hasn't fazed them or the EU-funded CBI who are still quoting the figure today.

Yesterday it was paedophiles and terrorists rejoicing if we leave the EU, today it's EU membership being worth £3,000 per household. Who knows what the Remainers will claim tomorrow if they're scraping the bottom of the barrel already.