Sunday 24 January 2016

Tax dodgers Goldman Sachs donate 6-figure sum to BSE

Goldman Sachs, one of the big American banks that was involved in the sub-prime mortgage scandal that devastated the US economy, has donated a six-figure sum to the Britain Strong in Europe (BSE) campaign.

It's pretty ironic that the BSE mad cows have spent the last few years attacking banks like Goldman Sachs for their excesses, demonising anyone involved in banking and blaming them for the failings of their economic policies but all is forgiven with a hefty donation to their campaign to keep us in the EU.

The president of the EU Central Bank, Mario Draghi, is one of the tax-dodging bank's former executives and Goldman Sachs has made hundreds of millions out of advising Greece and other bankrupt EU countries how to bail out their banks, steal from their citizens and hide their debts without breaking the rules for staying in the €uro.

Goldman Sachs has no interest in what is good for this country, they are protecting a lucrative revenue stream in advising EU countries how to lie and steal.