Thursday 25 February 2016

School calls police anti-extremist officers in to boy who visited UKIP website

A school in Hampshire has reported a pupil to the police for visiting the UKIP website, claiming that they were concerned that he might be an extremist.

Wildern School called Hampshire Police after checking 15 year old Joe Taylor's browser history and saw that he had visited the UKIP website to research immigration after a discussion in the classroom. The matter was referred to the extremist child grooming unit who had police officers take him out of class to question him, reportedly telling him that it was "not right" to support UKIP.

The school said that it wasn't solely his visit to the UKIP website but he also visited the EDL website last year after watching a documentary about the group. So that's one visit to an extremist anti-Islam website and one to the UK's third largest political party's website and the school and police have him marked down as a suspected future terrorist.

Wildern School and Hampshire Police should hang their heads in shame at what is quite clearly a politically-motivated attack designed to humiliate and intimidate a 15 year old boy. There's a word for that sort of thing: bullying.