Friday 19 February 2016

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Radio Free #39th Weekly Friday Show - Out now!

I have got to be honest... I am a bit disappointed that we still don't have a referendum date...

The lack of a deal doesn't matter, Cameron hasn't asked for anything that would change anyone's' vote anyway, it is just the referendum date that is of interest!

But what we do have this week - is...

Updates from the main Leave campaigns, and an item on 'Brexit the Movie' - a well produced trailer, but will they hit their target funding in the next 11 days to make the main feature?

An item on the contempt the left seem to have for the UK, while insisting that we remain in the EU that (if anything) has made the UK a place they hate over the past 40 years!

Items from our regular contributors (sterling effort peeps!)

- James 'Jake the Writer' Clark on how things just keep getting better and better(!).

- Scottie K gives a great overview of 'remain' campaign tactics, and is speaking at the Grassroots Out meeting this evening!

- Vanessa is back! fired up over the planned destruction of the UK criminal justice system, to be replaced with the inferior (and dangerous) continental Napoleonic system.

- Alan gives us a taster of his antics this week, what a busy man he is!

- We have two of Godfreys EU speeches backing up his tax podcast from the other week.

- Better Off Out report on Gerard Battens London conference on the organisation and strategy for the various Leave campaigns and organisations.

And we finish with the next chapter of our audio book, and some Batsby humour to wind it up.

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