Monday 21 March 2016

Project Fear caught out again as US announces new joint intelligence analysis centre in Northamptonshire

The US government have decided to base their new £200m joint intelligence analysis centre covering Europe and Africa in Northamptonshire.

This decision just three months ahead of the EU referendum and a month before Obama comes to Europe to do his bit for Project Fear seriously undermines the scaremongering by the mad cows at the BSE campaign that we will be abandoned by our allies in the intelligence community when we leave the EU.

The EU already has 18 partnerships with non-EU intelligence agencies and the UK would naturally become the 19th. Our intelligence services are one of the most capable and effective operations in the world and not signing up to an intelligence sharing deal with us would make the EU a much more dangerous place, especially when they are knowingly importing thousands of terrorists masquerading as refugees.

RAF Croughton already hosts 422nd Air Base Group which handles a third of US military communications in Europe and the US military, NATO and the Ministry of Defence.