Tuesday 8 March 2016

You can use the NHS logo ... but only if you support the Labour Party?

The Department of Health threatened the Vote Leave campaign with legal action last week for using the NHS logo in leaflets about the NHS. Guido has found 8 campaigns that haven't been threatened with legal action for using the NHS logo ...
  • Unite the Union
    One of the militant left wing trade unions that control the Labour Party
  • Protect our NHS
    Left wing campaign group linked to 38 Degrees
  • 38 Degrees
    Left wing campaign group linked to the Lib Dems and Labour
  • Keep our NHS Public
    Campaign group set up by doctors
  • The Socialist Party
    Far left Marxist political party
  • Momentum NHS
    Far left group of Corbynites in the Labour Party
  • London Labour
    Left wing political party
  • Tom Watson
    Labour MP for West Brom
  • Steve Coogan
    Left wing actor and Labour Party supporter
It seems that you can only use the NHS logo when you're talking about the NHS if you're campaigning for more money for the NHS whilst supporting the EU and Labour Party.