Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Operation Black Vote's uses racist poster to encourage minority vote

Operation Black Vote has taken Project Fear to a new low with a blatantly racist poster featuring a white skinhead aggressively abusing an Asian woman.

Operation Black Vote is run by pro-EU, Labour supporting occasional Guardian columnist, Simon Woolley. In the past he has defended Diane Abbott's racism, called for a temporary ban on white candidates in elections and extolled the virtues of the EU for promoting "equality".

Saatchi and Saatchi, the advertising agency that created the poster, deny that there is a racist undertone to the image and that it's about democracy but the message is pretty clear to me: black and Asian people need to stand up to the racist white people who are bullying them into not voting. I get that the see-saw is supposed to be saying that everyone's vote is equal but why is the white person the image of a stereotypical National Front or BNP knuckledragger rather than a man or woman in a suit? It's unnecessary and divisive.