Sunday, 29 May 2016

Plans for EU army to be debated a week after the EU referendum

Plans for an EU army headquartered in Germany are due to be debated on 28th June but being held back from national governments until the 24th so it can't be used to bolster the Leave campaign.

The same arrangements have been put into place for this proposal as for TTIP with limited numbers of officials being allowed to view the proposals in a locked, guarded room and having anything with a camera or recording device confiscated before they can enter.

A spokesman for the British government has said that "we will never be part of an EU army" but that wording is quite specific. They won't call it an EU army, it'll be called something else and we will be involved. The EU constitution was rejected so they renamed it the Lisbon Treaty, changed the way it delivered its payload and it was accepted. An EU army would be rejected so they'll call it something else, change the way it is delivered and it will be accepted.

The only way to avoid being forced into contributing to an EU army is to leave the EU.