Wednesday, 1 June 2016

EU-funded OECD base scare stories on the number of articles in the Times

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have warned of "a large negative shock" when we leave the EU which could see GDP decrease 5% lower by 2030 compared to what it could have been if we stayed in the EU.

The Remainiacs and the media are pretending could means would and warning that the OECD says we're going to be 5% poorer when we leave the EU. They've already tried this trick with the Treasury's dodgy dossier which divided their predicted worst case decline in GDP by the number of households in the UK and then tried to pass that figure off as a predicted decline in household income.

But the OECD's report seems to be basing this on a continuing trend of declining investor confidence in economic policy based on articles published in the Times and Financial Times, both of which are still officially on the fence with regard to the referendum. This is a particularly narrow view to stake their reputation on when investor confidence is being driven down deliberately by Project Fear to influence public opinion whereas after the referendum the British government will be talking up our prospects to try and undo the damage they've done. It's hardly surprising that investors are getting jittery when the British government has been pushing out negative messages for months.

Entirely unrelated to the OECD's campaigning for Project Fear, the OECD has received £23,198,670 funding from the EU over the last nine years.