Monday, 6 June 2016

Kent schools taking in adult illegal immigrants claiming to be children

Illegal immigrants in their 20s are being put in schools with children because they're claiming to be 15 or 16 because unaccompanied child asylum seekers get more through the child care system than adult asylum seekers.

Several supposed children have been pulled out of schools in Kent because they've lied about their age. As well as attending school with children, they've been housed in a converted old folks home with genuine child asylum seekers.

Earlier this year a Somali man in his 20s stabbed a member of staff to death at the children's home in Sweden that he was living in after claiming to be 15 years old. The stabbing is believed to have taken place following an altercation with one of the children living there. Last month the Austrian government said that half the illegal immigrants in Austria claiming to be children are clearly lying. These aren't isolated incidents, it's just one of the scams used by illegal immigrants to maximise their benefit income and avoid having to answer inconvenient questions like "why do you speak Punjabi is you're Syrian" or "if it's not safe at home why did you leave your wife and children there".

This illegal immigrant in Sweden claims he is 14 years old