Wednesday 15 June 2016

New chapter in Turkey's EU membership application will be opened the day after the referendum

The British government have dropped opposition to opening a new chapter in Turkey's EU membership application the day after our referendum.

Fifteen of the 35 accession chapters have already been opened and one has been closed. Accelerating Turkey's membership application, a £2.2bn bung and granting Turkey visa-free travel were conditions of the EU's deal with Turkey that should have resulted in a crackdown on illegal immigration into Europe from Turkey. They have missed all the targets that were agreed but in the face of threats to stop what controls they have put in place the EU has rolled over and agreed to comply with the Turkish blackmail.

The UK's opposition to opening this new chapter in Turkey's EU membership application lasted for mere hours before they caved in.

David Cameron has been one of the most vocal supporters of Turkey's membership of the EU and leaked papers have shown that despite his recent volte face in public on the issue there is a team of British diplomats in Ankara dedicated to helping Turkey meet the requirements for EU membership.

Once voting is over next week, 75m Turks will be given visa-free travel in the EU despite an EU Commission report admitting that it will result in Turkish-based terrorists and organised crime gangs expanding into Europe.