Tuesday 21 June 2016

Project Fear make it personal

Project Fear are spending the last few days of campaigning making things personal, appealing to voters not to support Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson or the Tories or UKIP or "right wingers" or "millionaires". They seem to be forgetting that this is a referendum, not an election.

This referendum is to decide whether we leave the EU or not. It's not to decide who is in government, who the prime minister is, whether money gets spent on the NHS, etc. To continue implying that it is with misleading headlines in the press is dishonest and reeks of desperation.

One of the favourite tactics of the Remainiacs at the moment is to try and undermine Vote Leave's argument that the millions we spend on the EU could go into the NHS instead. The Remainiacs tell voters that you can't trust the Tories with the NHS and you can't trust UKIP with the NHS and repeat the lie that Nigel Farage wants to privatise the NHS (UKIP was the only party with a costed plan for increasing NHS spending in the last election but that's not really important) and say you can't trust these people to invest in the NHS. The referendum won't put or keep any of those people in power or whether the money goes to the NHS, it's about leaving the EU.

The Remainiacs are constantly making personal attacks on the Leave campaign, saying they have no plans for where the money we save is going to spent and can't guarantee that it'll be spent on the NHS or supporting our elderly and homeless. Of course they don't have such plans and can't make these guarantees because the referendum is to decide whether we leave the EU, not what the government does. It will be down to the British government to decide where the billions we save will be spent, not the Leave campaign.

On Thursday we will vote on the simple question of whether we want to remain in the EU or leave the EU. David Cameron will no longer be prime minister regardless of the result, George Osborne will no longer be Chancellor. The fact that they will be gone is a bonus but has no bearing on how people vote. It's not an election, we're not choosing a prime minister or who forms a government, we're just deciding on whether or not we leave the EU. It's not about whether you like UKIP or the Tories or Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson, it's about whether or not we leave the EU. It's not about whether you believe that the people behind the leave campaign would spend money on the NHS, it's about whether or not we leave the EU. Don't be distracted by irrelevant personal attacks, just stick to the facts and make the right decision for you on Thursday.