Friday 1 July 2016

Remain supporting rapper threatened to gang rape Nigel Farage's daughter

A rapper from Bradford has apologised after tweeting that he was going to gang rape one of Nigel Farage's daughters.

Shortly after news of Labour MP, Jo Cox's death "Lunar C" posted the picture of Syrian illegal immigrants that Nigel Farage used in his controversial immigration poster with a comment saying "Here's a pic of me n my pals on our way to run a train on @Nigel_Farage's daughter".

"Running a train" is slang for gang rape and it isn't clear from the tweet whether he was threatening to rape Nigel Farage's 15 year old daughter or his 9 year old daughter. "Lunar C" later deleted the tweet and apologised but when Twitter users criticised him for saying he was going to gang rape a child he complained that his words were being twisted.