Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Steve Crowther steps down as UKIP chairman

Steve Crowther has resigned as Party chairman today.

He has been planning his resignation for 12 months regardless of the result of the referendum.

Steve can be as much a Marmite character as Nigel Farage at times but he's the man who gets to translate all the policy decisions that Nigel and others make into action. Sometimes he even gets to know what those decisions are before they're broadcast live on TV!

Party Director, Paul Oakden, is stepping into the Chairman's role until a new leader is elected in September.

Here is Steve's statement in full:
I gave notice to the Party Leader some weeks ago that I would resign from the Chairmanship in July, following the Referendum, regardless of the result. Yesterday the NEC received my resignation and approved Nigel’s appointment of Paul Oakden to fill the role from the first of August until the new Leader is elected in September.

I agreed with Nigel a year ago, when it became clear that the Referendum would be coming sooner rather than later, that I would stay on until after the Referendum, to do whatever I could to help him achieve the great task of getting our country back.

It has been an enormous privilege to serve one of the towering political figures of our age, and play a small part in the Brexit win. I will now return to the party’s grassroots and do what I can to help rebuild the public’s confidence in our country’s future, which has been seriously damaged by the destructive narratives of the Remain campaign.

The UK is a great country, a world leader in many fields and a beacon of independence, tolerance and civil and human rights. We have an even brighter future ahead of us, now that we are once again able to chart it for ourselves. I hope that everyone – especially the young – will soon start to see the possibilities ahead, and embrace the future with the hope and enthusiasm it deserves.