Thursday 14 July 2016

Terrorist drives truck into crowds at #BastilleDay celebrations in Nice

A terrorist has driven a truck through crowds leaving a Bastille Day fireworks display in Nice killing at least 60 and injuring 100 more.

French officials have confirmed that it is a terrorist attack and that the driver is known to security services. There are unconfirmed reports of gunmen on the streets.

The EU political class have invited terrorists, rapists and murderers into Europe and denounced anyone who has warned of the danger as a racist or extremist. So successful have they been at this criminally irresponsible social engineering that women have lied about the identity of their rapists rather than admit that they were middle eastern. We are at war and the politicians who are supposed to be protecting us are leaving us defenceless. Serious action needs to be taken to stop the flow of people into Europe and to identify and remove those who are known to pose a risk to the public. No compromises, no human rights lawyers, just get them out and make us safe.

It's time to stand with our friends and neighbours in France against terrorist scum once again.