Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Germans told to stockpile food and water in case of terrorist attacks

A "civil defence" plan is to be put before German ministers which advises citizens to stockpile 10 day's worth of food and drink for use in a national emergency.

The plan says that Germany is unlikely to face a "conventional" threat but a major security threat couldn't be ruled out so civil defence measures are necessary.

Germany, France and Belgium have suffered from a number of terrorist attacks since Angela Merkel invited an unlimited number of illegal immigrants to Europe. ISIS has used the open invitation to send terrorists into Europe who have then gone on to carry out attacks on the continent including bombings, shootings and knife and axe attacks.

There won't ever be another "conventional" war again where two countries make a formal declaration and the armies of one country fight the armies of another and civil wars are no longer confined to national borders. We are at war now, we've been at war for years and we'll be in a permanent state of war for decades to come at least.

A century ago there would now be a country called by Islamic State, their leaders would have been legitimised, their borders fixed and their leaders would be tied up with internal power struggles and international diplomacy. But now that military imperialism isn't acceptable any more western governments are trying to bring back a status quo that they undermined with the removal or serious weakening of the authoritarian leaders that were keeping the likes of ISIS at bay.

When your government is telling you to stockpile food in case of an attack from terrorists that they're knowingly allowing into the country it's time for a new government.